As one of the highest ranked elementary schools in the state of Colorado, Larkspur Elementary continues to offer what parents are seeking...a supportive, nurturing and inviting environment that fosters the love of learning by providing a progressive set of tools that include:               








Larkspur Elementary engages students through immersion in our local environment, or setting, as the context for learning.  Our local setting or community (environment) is what we refer to when we say “environment-based education.”  In this program, our staff provides hands-on educational activities in indoor and outdoor classrooms each day.  Larkspur students benefit from student-led inquiry, true and original science activities, and real-world application of knowledge and skills.  


The idea behind this is simple:  make learning meaningful and interesting.  It is natural for human beings to be interested in the world around them.  No one is surprised to see the curiosity of small children examining a worm or a flower, or asking why the sky is blue or the wind blows. Yet we put these same children into sterile, constricted environments and expect them to sit and be quiet when their bodies and minds want to be engaged and active. Through our environment-based program, we strive to make learning relevant.


Many people think of environment-based education as environmental education.  While some student activities may delve into environmental concerns or issues, this is not the focus of environment-based education.  The program at Larkspur Elementary includes service learning, collaborative teaching, community-based investigations, integrated/interdisciplinary instruction, and learning activities that require students to work collaboratively and independently.  In addition, students engage in activities to help them understand natural and social/human systems that exist in our world.


In addition to classroom work, Larkspur students engage in outside learning activities to enrich or extend concepts that have been introduced in the classroom.  Students spend outside time on our campus on a regular basis.  On occasion, students visit different areas of our nearby community to support the academic focus of our school.


What sets Larkspur Elementary

apart from other schools in DCSD?


Larkspur Elementary is nestled in the woods

just 15 minutes south of Castle Rock. Our

school is ranked in the top 5% of Colorado

elementary schools in the area of academic

performance and also received an A grade by

coloradoschoolgrades.com. Optimizing on our

beautiful outdoor spaces, Larkspur Elementary teachers are implementing an Environment based program in which teachers use surrounding outdoor areas as an integrating context for learning. Students learn the interaction between natural and social

systems through community-based

investigations, defining community needs, and

service learning projects. Our 9-acre

Larkspur campus includes 6 outdoor

classrooms, 2 outdoor gardens, 4 indoor

aeroponic gardens, a wetland, and a certified

wildlife habitat. Students take part in whole

school character building initiatives including

reducing environmental impact and costs,

improving health and wellness, and supporting communities in need through resource drives.

Awarded the National Green 
Ribbon Award in 2014

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Larkspur Elementary Offers:

• Busing from the Meadows and Plum Creek

• Small School Environment • Small Class Sizes • Outdoor Learning, EIC • Math in Focus • Art, Music, PE, Technology, Library • Band, Orchestra, Choir • Design Thinking and Makers Space • Summer Library Program • After School Enrichment Programs • Committed PTO • Strong Community Partnerships • PBIS, Bobcat TRACKS • Community of Learners •Before and After School


Partnership with Stone Canyon

Outdoor Edventure Camp!

Larkspur Elementary is pleased to announce our partnership with Stone Canyon Outdoor

Edventure Camp. Our mission at Larkspur aligns perfectly with Stone Canyon to provide

innovative educational and recreational

experiences that empower students to become stewards of their community and environment. Teachers at both campuses are collaborating weekly to provide students with authentic learning experiences.

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