Speech and Language Screening

What is a speech/language screening?
speech and language screening allows a SLP to observe your student’s language understanding and use, production of speech sounds, vocal and nasal quality, and social language skills in the classroom. Additionally, your student will complete a few tasks outside of the classroom, which will take approximately 15-20 minutes.

If the screening indicates that your student does not need additional testing, then no further action will be required by you or the school. If the screening indicates that your student presents with speech error patterns and that are not developmentally appropriate or other possible language delays, then the SLP will provide you and your student’s teacher with information to assist in fostering continued appropriate development. This information may be incorporated into the classroom’s Response to Instruction (RtI) program in Tier I. If the screening indicates that your child needs a more in-depth speech or language evaluation, you will receive a notice to request that you attend a meeting to discuss the need for an evaluation to determine if your student may need special education services.
If you wish for your student to have his/her speech/language screened, please fill out the Speech/Language Screening Permission Form and the Communication Checklist (both located in the Useful Links section). Please return both documents to your student's classroom teacher.