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Positive Behavior Intervention and Support

Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) is a program supported by the U.S. Department of Education, Colorado Department of Education and Douglas County Schools to promote and maximize prosocial behavior and academic achievement. It is a school-wide program that uses positively stated behavior expectations, interventions and reinforcements. PBIS operates under the idea the prosocial behaviors are a skill set that should be taught, similar to academic skill sets.  We know that when good behavior and good teaching come together, our students will excel in their learning.  PBIS challenges our traditional punitive disciplinary system in schools by rewarding prosocial behaviors and working to improve and enhance overall school climate. In this respect, PBIS contributes greatly toward bully prevention in schools, increases connectedness and community, and reduces incidents of school violence. This also contributes to efficiency and effectiveness within schools, which results in stronger academic performance.

Spreading Kindness

At Larkspur Elementary, students and staff focus on spreading acts of kindness through “Random Acts of Kindness Program”. This curriculum features developmentally appropriate, standards-aligned lessons that teach students important Social Emotional (SEL) skills. 
 For more information about this program please see there website. Random Acts Of Kindness

The Bobcat Matrix

Behavior Expectation Matrix

Restorative Approaches   

PBIS supports a restorative approach to discipline and reducing harmful behaviors. The purpose of restorative practices are to repair harm and restore relationships. School staff uses the restorative approach to handle a variety of conflicts. A restorative approach encourages students to reflect on what happened, what the student(s) were hoping would happen, who has been affected and what should be done to repair the damage.
When we take the time to speak to students we always learn more about the issues students are struggling with. This is also an opportunity for students to stop and think about their behaviors before moving on. Sometimes we see students repeatedly for the restorative questions, but the research tells us it is more effective that simply handing out a consequence.

Time to Ponder Sheets - A reflection sheet is given to student for either repeated offenses or serious offenses. We know that stopping and writing about what happened will help students think and process about the impact of their choices and create a plan for avoiding the offense the next time. When a Time to Ponder sheet comes home we hope you will talk with your student about what happened and how we can all work together to make our school and community a safe and happy place. This also serves a communication tool to reach out to families.

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